Engineering Procurement Construction

SOGCS has executed projects across the country and is eyeing projects in the middle east and south east asia. We help our clients scope assignments, plan their projects. This is followed by flawless execution with cutting edge project management. Specialized assignments necessitate commissioning help which is frequently provided. After sales support is also sometimes built into our assignments

Atmospheric Tank Construction

Refineries are cost intensive to build and run and any downtime is looked at very seriously. Therefore enough storage of both inputs and space for products need to be kept. Similarly enough storage is maintained at key locations within the country to manage supply chain uncertainties. Storage tanks are used to handle both these tasks. While the stored product and capacity are determined by the client according to their long term strategy, we provide end to end support right from the design stage through the civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation phases of the project.  

Pipeline and Piping Projects

Cross country pipelines used to transport product across vast stretches of the country. We have experience laying medium level cross country pipelines. We also have proven track records of laying above ground piping for refineries and tank farms.  

Turn-Key Projects  


Within our project vertical we get involved with our clients right from the design stage. We can help our clients scope projects and will be with them through detailed design and final execution. We have full spectrum experience right from requirements gathering, sizing till analytical support.

Steel Structures

Design and construction of steel structures such as storage sheds, pump houses conforming to safety and construction norms are built by the company.

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Structural works