We primarily concentrate on oil storage terminal development involving piping projects, storage tankages in the tank farm area, refineries, terminals and deports inclusive of maintenance and inspection. We convert dreams to reality. Frequently we see projects stalling when the going gets tough. However it is in crucial situations that our proven track record of execution without compromising on quality and safety and keeping the client first wins the day. 
Project Execution: With our country wide scale and local know-how our top team uses their over two hundred years of experience within our core verticals to reduce waste and risk and infuse their commitment to service to provide us with the edge to tackle new situations demanding innovative solutions. 
Strong supply chain: Our deep supplier relations, wide supplier base and connections built over time helps us identify the best resources and manpower for our projects.
Safety & Quality: Our highest priority is accorded to the environment, safety and quality vertical which is implemented across the company in a structured format across the various stages of construction & maintenance. 
EPC and Service arms: Having expertise in construction and maintenance activities ensures that attention is given to any upkeep that is required at client facilities..